Since we began AAMC in November 2006 we have worked towards creating a clean environment. Every decision to improve the marina involves an examination of a GREEN solution.

Our mission is to work in harmony with the environment.

  • AAMC is a Marina and Small Shipyard. Every vessel that enters the yard is first bottom washed in our WaterMaze Water Treatment System. This is a designated area where all spoils are captured and the water used to clean the bottom is scrubbed, treated and re-used. This area has a collection trap where the spoils are collected and bagged so they can be disposed off site.
  • Each vessel that enters the shipyard for mechanical, fiberglass or paint work is placed over a tarp which is anchored to the concrete. This is done so all liquids are captured and solids are easily captured and removed.
  • All sanding is performed with a Festool Sanding System. This is a vacuum sanding system that captures the solids during the sanding process. We require all sanding in the yard to be performed with a Festool Sander. We sell the sanding discs in our ships store and rent Festool Sanders to the public.
  • All spray painting is done in an approved spray booth with the proper filtration. We do not allow spray painting to be done in the open atmosphere.
  • All engines are placed in plastic drip pans when removed from a boat.
  • We have removed all the old creosote coated pilings and we are in the process of removing all CCA pilings that were present when we purchased the property and replaced them with Pearson fiberglass pilings which are environmentally friendly.
  • In 2009 we installed a 100’ x 60’ SOLAR Canopy that serves two purposes. This is a 53kw system that powers the entire marina. Excess power enters the electric grid and is sold back to the utility. We now have covered storage for customers that want their boat stored under cover.