Anglers Avenue Marine Center is a “one stop shop” to getting your boat back on the water.  The marina has the staff and experience to lead you in the right direction in getting your boat fixed or refit.  We have run into owners having captains or “middle men” handling their projects.  The marina has run into problems with this.  For example, the deposit for the job is handed to the “middle men”. In the end the job is not completed nor done in a timely fashion. This costs the owner money and time.  On the back end AAMC has to finish the job and finesse the boat owner back to being a satisfied customer. Bottom line, the owner needs to cut out the middle man and deal directly with the marina.

Anglers Avenue Marine Center is a full service yard as well as a “do it yourself ” yard. We have wet slips, lift slips, and dry storage for boats.

We are a insurance approved Hurricane Hole for storage.

To learn more about the marina please visit us at or call us at 954-962-8702

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