Do you ever watch the weather or news on TV during hurricane season and wonder about those residents who choose to ignore all the warnings and do not leave town during the danger? Is it brave or is it risky?

I guess the only way to know for sure is to go back to find out what happened afterward. If the house is still standing, it might have been a brave thing to do to ride out the hurricane. If the house is gone and the resident had to be rescued by the National Guard, it’s more likely to be considered a risky decision.

Boat owners should use fair weather moments to decide how to handle an impending hurricane. One of the riskiest decisions boat owners can make during hurricanes is to believe that their boat will survive without taking necessary precautions. It is crucial for boat owners to have a hurricane plan in place. The boat owner’s hurricane plan should include a way to get the boat out of harm’s way in the days before the hurricane is supposed to land. We recommend moving your boat at least 48 hours prior to the predicted landfall of the hurricane. You should have a safe location where the boat can be tucked away, preferably something off the water.

 The worst decision you can make is to leave the boat docked along the coast, unless you really don’t like being a boat owner.

Anglers Avenue Marine Center can help you develop a hurricane plan appropriate to your location. AAMC is an insurance approved hurricane storage. All boats are strapped down to chains cemented in the concrete.  Insurance companies  have plans that can cover part or all of the cost of moving the boat to a safer location to prevent hurricane damage in the first place.

Being a boat owner is a unique experience. There’s something indescribably amazing about the experience of being out on the sea, facing the power and unpredictability of the water. But even the most adventurous boat owner should be conservative when it comes to protecting their investment.

Anglers Avenue Marine Center does off year round dockage.

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