Anglers Avenue Marine Center (AAMC) announces the installation of their new Hurricane Boat Storage Anchor Systems at its facility located at 4470 Anglers Avenue in Dania Beach.  We are now able to provide proper Hurricane Boat Storage for up to 200 boats ranging in sizes from 26’ to 70’.  The AAMC Hurricane Storage plan is a win/win for boat owners who want to protect their boat during hurricane season and at the same time save money on their insurance by meeting their insurance company Storm Plan requirements.

A study by MIT after Hurricane Gloria found that boats stored ashore were far more likely to be saved than boats stored in the water or on boat lifts or davits.  In fact, the worst place your boat can be stored during a Tropical Storm or Hurricane is on davits or a boat lift. Those boats should be removed to Hurricane Boat Storage on land at least 48 hours prior to projected land fall.

“We did our homework and found the best solution to Hurricane Boat Storage was to add additional  jack stands and secure the vessel to the ground both fore and aft, says Mark Gelders, AAMC General Manager.  In order to accomplish this we installed anchor systems in the concrete surface of the marina.  Each anchor point exceeds 15,000 pounds of upward pull pressure. There are 8 anchor points for each vessel.  Furthermore, boats are stored on Jack stands to 10’ above mean sea level to mitigate the effects of storm surge.

The keys to protecting your boat from any severe weather is planning, preparation and timely action. Boat owners who are serious about protecting their boat from Windstorm during Hurricane season (June through November), and saving money of their insurance premiums should consider joining the Hurricane Club at Anglers Avenue Marine Center.   What’s better, their storage rates are the most competitive in South Florida.

For additional information please contact the Anglers Avenue Marine Center at 954-962-8702 or visit  AAMC is located ½ mile west of the Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport on the Dania Canal.

Please note; you should ask your insurance company if they offer premium savings for hurricane boat storage and what they require to qualify.